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Well If you haven’t guessed it already I created this site to showcase a variety of full body workout routines (total body workouts) that anyone with any kind of goal can do. At least that’s how it started… At this point my vision for this blog is just to post about all kinds of health and fitness related topics but with a definite emphasis on exercise because that’s my specialty, being a Personal Trainer.

Who am I? Just a fitness addict/personal trainer (read above) who’s read and studied every workout under the sun and has helped 100′s of people achieve their fitness goals.

What I’ve done here is put posts up reviewing the absolute best and most effective full body workout routines, and diet plans that are out there. Essentially I’ve read and studied about them all and weeded out the junk from what really works in the real world, consistently. There’s so much garbage on the market, especially in the fitness world that I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of. That’s why its best you trust an expert (me) to show you what actually works.

No matter what your goal is if you’re looking to get in shape full body workout routines are definitely the way to go.

If you’re looking to lose fat… full body workout routines are great because they’re more efficient (time-wise) and because your working your whole body your heart rate will tend to be higher leading to enhanced fat loss results from that alone. If you’ve ever heard of Crossfit then you’ll know that most of their metcons (metabolic conditioning) workouts are full body workouts because you can get your heart rate higher and work yourself much harder when you’re using multiple muscle groups at once versus working individual muscle groups and separating each body part into a separate workout.









If you’re looking to build muscle... full body workout routines also rock because you get to hit every body part more often than on a split schedule and hence get more chances to actually stimulate muscle growth. And like I said before they’re more efficient. On top of that I honestly believe most beginner and intermediate weight lifters will actually get better results working their whole body vs working each muscle group individually because it forces them to use compound exercises (ex:squats, pull ups, bench press) with which most people can handle heavier weights which will cause more overload on the muscle causing them to grow faster and stimulating faster strength gains.

A note on efficiency:

One of the number one excuses people come up with for not being able to workout is not having enough time. Which I believe is not really the case for most people (quit watching so much tv or wasting time click surfing the internet already…). But with full body workouts you can’t really make that excuse anymore because I doubt anyone doesn’thave at least 30 minutes 3 times a week to get in some workouts. Especially when you consider how much of a difference it can make in the average persons life.

You’ll live longer, be happier, handle stress better, have a better sex life, be stronger, be leaner, be healthier, and overall just have a better life by working out. So I see no reason why anyone should have an excuse not to workout especially not when you can squeeze in a quick 30 minute full body workout routine 3 times a week and have all the benefits I mentioned above.

Check out the rest of the site to learn more about how you can incorporate healthy exercise and nutrition into your life.

Other Interesting Articles:

1)The spread is something which you will commonly find talked about in football or any sport for that matter. This is when you may want to know more about how NFL picks against the spread can help you in gaining some of the big gains you need to have, but also help you in picking out the underdog each week to help you support the teams who may not have had much of a chance and give you a better chance of winning. Without this, you may always pick out the upper hand and this can work, but you need to remember some of the biggest upsets come against the spread.

The first reason to bet against this is you have a better chance of making a big gain. Normally when you bet against this you can end up getting more money if your team wins. However, you can also find this as a great way to gain big because typically the payouts are higher because the teams are not expected to win at all. So you will end up making even more money if the games go in your favor because of the results you find.

Another reason is the teams who you are typically voting for here will end up being the underdog teams. Normally people will be pulling for these teams because they are not expected to do well at all. So these are the ones many people will end up pulling for to win even if they do not like them. However, some people, take it to the extreme and constantly wager on these teams and this is what can lead to them winning quite a bit of money.

Something else which can drive you to selecting these teams, is the love of the team. Some people will always be a fan of a losing team, but even then this does not stop them from betting on the team. So they may be betting for a team to win because they are in love with the team and really want to see them win the games.

Getting to bet for sports can be exciting, but it is also risky at the same time. This is when you may want to know more about betting with the spread and against it. Once you know more information about this, it can be easier for you to make the choice on which team you should bet on.

2)Save Money and Get a Good Antivirus-

There is never a time when a person does not need to have an antivirus program if they are going to be surfing the Internet, or have a machine connected to the Internet. If a person wants to get a good program for protecting their computer, they can get one for a low cost by using a VIPRE coupon to acquire VIPRE software for a low price. If people take advantage of the coupons available for this software program, they can get the virus protection they need to keep their machines safe from viruses, and they will not have to spend a lot of money to do it.

Computers Are Not Safe Unless They Have Protection against Viruses-

The Internet is a place where people can find information about almost anything, and it is also a place where viruses live. Viruses are everywhere on the Internet, and the malicious people that create viruses are not going to stop making them. The only way for a person to keep their computer safe, is to get a software program that maintains constant vigilance on their computers to stop them from being infected. If a person does not have this kind of protection, there is no way for them to keep their computers safe.

Early Detection Is Very Important-

VIPRE is a great program to use to stop viruses, because it stops them before they infect machines. Many of the creators of viruses have become smarter; they can now make viruses that disable antivirus software if they are able to infect a computer. VIPRE stops viruses from every getting this chance, because the program is constantly working to make sure a computer is clean. When a person uses this program, if they are browsing the Internet and a virus attempts to install itself on their machine, the install will be stopped before it can start.

Internet Browsing Is a Risky Business-

Anytime a person gets on the Internet, there is a chance their computer will be attacked by viruses, spyware or malware.  No matter what website a person goes to, there is always the possibility of this happening, so if people want to use the Internet, they have to have something that will protect them from all of the bad things that has a home on it. If a person gets VIPRE, that will not have to worry about their computer being compromised by viruses.

3)If you want your message to be seen and really noticed, there is one sure way to call attention to yourself. That way is to utilize Bright LED Signs in your  outdoor advertising campaign.

Old traditional signage and billboards have proved to be effective over the years. Surely, you have noticed the abundance of this type of sign in your travels along the highways and streets of our country. Traditional signage and old style billboards have been the primary means that many corporations and businesses use to call attention to themselves since the invention of writing. Think McDonald’s.

The truth of the matter is that there are so many signs plastered along, and on every imaginable location, it becomes difficult for a business to differentiate itself. If you are a major company, like Mickey D’s, with deep pockets, you are able to saturate the countryside and get your message noticed.

As a small or mid-sized company, budget constraints make that kind of saturation impossible. There is an alternative form of signage that will get noticed even in the midst of untold numbers of traditional signage.

That alternative is Bright LED Signs that stand out from the cacophony of lifeless and dull, by comparison, traditional signage. Your message and call to action will come to life. It is easily distinguishable. This is the answer for an effective advertising campaign that will provide maximum visibility.

Bright LED Signs utilize vivid, attention-grabbing colors. They set your business apart from the competition. They flash. They move and they invite potential customers to take notice. The call to action they provide can be immediate or one that will register at a later date in a customer’s subconscious. Someday, when your product or service is needed, your LED sign will be brought to mind.

Today’s bright electronic sign represents the technology of the times. Your intended audience has been attuned to flashing messages and quick action bits on their computers and TVs. LED is a technology they associate with. They instantly pick up on it  when they see it.

While this format may be more expensive initially, you will receive more message imprints then you would with virtually any form of advertising. That counts for cost effectiveness. You will be amazed at how economical LED signs can be over the long haul. They are energy efficient so utility costs are minimized. Better yet, they are long lasting and will give years of bright, attractive service.

While LED signs are a relatively new breakthrough, the time is right to explore the possibilities with the hottest, most visible signage application. Put LED to work in your business.

4)PPI is an acronym for Payment Protection Insurance. This is an insurance plan that works as a backup in the sense that it would fill in for the insurance holder and make the payment on his/her behalf in case he/she is not able to repay the loan due to some unavoidable circumstances. While PPI is a highly useful product, but it can be a curse in case it is mis-sold to a customer who doesn’t need it in the first place. There are umpteen people all over the world who have been mis-sold PPI plans.

In case you have been mis-sold PPI then you have complete right to make PPI claims. The first thing that you need to do in this regard would be to be sure that you have been mis-sold the payment-protection insurance policy. In order to qualify for making such claims the borrower is required to submit all the documents that are needed as per the rules and regulations. This is an area which one should be careful about because there are plenty of people whose claims have been cancelled since they weren’t aware of the policy clauses and exclusions.

Since the mis-selling of PPI policies have been increasing with each passing day therefore there are more and more companies which help people with their claims sprouting up. You will be able to find a PPI claims specialist or a company online as well as offline. While it is always acceptable for one to file for such claims by oneself, it would be a wiser choice to take the help of such experts or companies because they have the right kind of expertise and experience in the field. Therefore, when you select such professionals for the purpose of handling your claims for mis-sold PPI, you will be increasing the chances of success for your case.

Each year, banks and other financial institutions include such insurance policies into a credit card application, store card application, a loan application or an application for a new line of credit. A lot of times, customers aren’t told about these plans when they are signing up. In other words, they are tricked into purchasing such policies and by the time they find out most of them are probably too scared to file for claims or they ignore it due to their lack of knowledge in the same. It is advisable to try out one’s luck at filing for such claims, who knows, one might be able to get the money back!

5)When you need cash quickly for an emergency, you can apply for a payday loan. This type of loan has fewer requirements and is approved faster than traditional bank loans. There are many payday loan lenders in the market and borrowers have to research well to find reputable lenders that charge fair rates.

Before you apply for a loan, it is advisable to carry out a background check on the lending company you wish to work with. Researching can save you from applying for loans from a company that does not have a good reputation or that charges higher fees.

Use the Internet to check the background of a payday lender. There should be some reviews of the company at different forums and websites. You can also use different keywords to know the experience of other buyers with particular payday lenders you are researching about. For instance, you can search on Google the name of the lender together with keywords such as “scam”, “review”, “complaints” and so on. When you find reviews on a particular lender, find out whether the website is providing a paid or independent review. Do not trust paid endorsements or reviews; they may not provide the true picture of a company that offers payday cash.

Payday loans are best used for emergencies. To be approved for the loans, you must be over 18 years, have a steady job and have an active checking bank account. Since the loans are easy to get approved for, many people apply for the loans even when they are not really facing an emergency.

While there are no restrictions on how you can use a payday loan, it is prudent to apply for it only when you are in a financial fix. This is because the loans come with high interest rates and fees that may make you unable to get by the following month after you have paid back the amount you owe.

Some borrowers have become dependent on payday cash and are unable to get by a month without applying for the financing. To avoid defaulting your payday payments, go for a loan that will not be too expensive to pay back. Contact a number of payday loan companies and check the interest rate and fees that they charge for their loans. Before you applying for a payday loan, consider how paying it back will affect your budget for the coming month.

6)Diamonds are precious and expensive gems that impress many. www.whiteflash.com Loose diamonds provide people with a good way of creating and making a fashion statement. These diamonds look good on jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. When looking for loose diamonds to buy, you need to decide its use. This will determine the quality, color, shape and clarity of the diamond.

There are different grades of loose diamonds. The grading is usually through the four Cs, which stand for color, cut, carat and clarity. Before choosing the stone that you want, you will need to consider the four Cs as well as the size of the loose diamond. The grading and classification of the stones receives approval from laboratories. It is for this reason that you must get the loose diamonds that are GIA certified. The certification is quite important especially if you find yourself in a position where you want to sell the diamond.

In order for you to come up with a look of sophistication, you should get a loose diamond that has a light color and high clarity. The carat and the quality of the stone are also things that you must consider. The most preferred diamonds are the colorless diamonds as they have a brilliant sparkle. The color of the diamond determines its quality. The more color it has, the less the quality. The weight of the diamond is dependent on the carat and the larger the diamond, the more the weight.

Getting a diamond that has the right shape and color is not easy. When making your choice, take a good look at the size and the quality of finish. There are various types of shapes of the loose diamonds. These are such as
• The princess diamond
This has pointed corners and a square shape
• Round diamond
This is the most popular diamond shape and it has a brilliant and round cut. It is mainly for use on engagement rings.
• Emerald shape
This is rectangular and has facets and rows that usually highlight the clarity of the diamond.
• Oval shape
This complements the diamond’s brilliance and is similar to the round diamond.
• Radiant shape
It is versatile and popular. This diamond looks good when you pair it with round diamond as it has a rectangular shape.

Buying diamonds can be tricky, as you need to consider the various characteristics. However, with this information, you can now buy a loose diamond that is fit for you.

7)Pizza Hut coupon codes can be used to satisfy anyone’s hunger with a delicious meal order from pizza hut. The order can be given for 2 to 200 people for dine- in, delivery and take — away. People can choose from millions of coupon codes. Money can be saved on these coupons as they are associated with various discount deals. They can be used by logging in on the promotional websites and checking the latest pizza deals on the related area. Sometimes, these Pizza Hut coupon codes are often in printable form on the internet.  The availability of these coupons differs according to the area and locality.
There are different types of coupon codes. There are some hottest and most popular Pizza hut coupon codes that are used by people often. Fresh fares coupons peruse the newest coupons on the website of pizza hut. To get latest information on the coupons, there are various options. By coupon digger, payments can be checked by the Firefox extension. Through it no one can pay extra money. Latest info about coupons can also be achieved through subscribing with different promotional sites. Anyone can join the coupon community on face book and be connected for shopping tips, deal updates, news and bargains. Customers can also tweet on twitter and become better shoppers by having knowledge about the coupons.
Pizza Hut Coupon codes are the keys to delicious meals. There is a code for each meal. Money can be saved on pizza by ordering these coupon codes from pizza hut delivery service. These codes are actually online promotional codes that are intended to save money. The usage of pizza hut coupon codes is very easy. The first step is to navigate through the pizza hut site. These sites offer online promotional codes for customer usage. There are many websites and forums that offer various online codes to get discounts on pizzas. As a precautionary measure, it is advised to try to find pizza coupon codes on various coupon and discount websites. There are many websites that offer a vast array of current pizza hut coupon codes apart from pizza hut’s own website. Care must be taken to choose a website which provides the authentic codes for pizzas. Pizza Hut can also be called and then inquired about what promotions they are currently offering on online orders. Sometimes, these codes are found on flyers that pizza retailers distribute. Pizza hut coupon codes are the best way to save money on meal deals!

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